Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Book Nook

I just realized that I never finished posting this post that I started last year, shortly after receiving my Cameo.

Well, I finally completed my first Silhouette Cameo project. I wanted to keep it simple while I am learning the software. I downloaded the free font named Waltograph. Then I simply typed out the words on the virtual mat in Silhouette Studio.  I cut them out on dark blue vinyl.

This has always been my favorite "room" in the house!  When we had our basement finished into a game room, I had them plaster and floor the space under our steps.  It has both a rocking chair and a wooden bench.  This where we kept all the books and stuffed animals.  I also painted a chalkboard on the right hand side as you come in.  I can not take the credit for painting the Pooh tree.  It was just my idea.

The kids have outgrown it for the most part.  On occasion I can still find my youngest one inside, but it is a space that I can not change.  I will have to take more pictures someday to add to this post.  Right now I just wanted to display the words themselves.  Thanks for stopping!

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