Monday, April 11, 2011

Lauren's Family Consumer Science Poster

Last week my daughter had to do a project for her Family Consumer Science Class.  She had to make a poster on the development of school age children.  She wanted a school, but did not like the old fashioned school house.  She chose the library from My Community.  We hid the word library on the gypsy.  I then made her 3 layers so that we could draw, engrave, and cut out the school house.  It is a simple project, but will give you an idea of what a great job Amy Chomas mini gel pen holder and engraver can do.
Here is an upright view of the building.  Sorry about the clarity of the pictures.  The metal made a glare for one and secondly it was around midnight and the project was due the next morning. Imagine that!

Here is a flat on view.  The white paper is coordination gemstone.  The metal like paper was bought at JoAnn's.  It is silver metalic by Colorbok.  We first drew the building using Amy's mini gel pen holder.  That way we got the view of the windows and door.  Next, I engraved the metal paper using the engraving tip, also designed by Chomas Creations.  I just love the way this turned out.  The small balls were embossed using the mini polka dots cuttlebug folder.  Our last layer cut everything out.  I used my ATG gun to stick everything together and to place it on her posterboard.

This is a really bad image, but this was the finished project with her notes on school age children.  I had her use a white gel pen to make the appearance of a chalk board.

Here is a close up of the roof.  Again, there is a glare, but I wanted you to see how neatly the engraving tip wrote out School Age.  Don't you just love the swirls in the roof!  Now that I have experimented with this tip on this paper, I have so many ideas just buzzing through my head.  I can't wait for summer vacation to have more time to devote!

In case you have never heard of Amy Chomas at Chomas Creations, you can visit her blog at  She currently has her holders on special to celebrate spring!  They are definately worth the price!


BunnyFreak said...

I found your blog from Amy Chomas' blog. Cool project.

Rae-beccadesigns said...

Thanks, Bunnyfreak!

Georgiana said...

That engraving is neat. I am looking forward to summer too, so I can have more time to try new techniques.